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1. How do you come to know about our product?

a. Through fellow surgeon recommendation
b. Through our distributor
c. Through online from our website
d. From Academic get-togethers

2. Kindly mention the medical specialization you belong to?

a. Adult Cardiac surgery
b. Adult non cardiac surgery
c. Pediatric Cardiac surgery
d. Pediatric non cardiac surgery

3. What makes you to prefer our product?

a. Convinced with technology
b. Pricing
c. Recommendation
d. Ease of use as mentioned by other

4. In what type of procedures you prefer to use our product?

a. Patching purpose
b. Augmentation procedure
c. Valve construction
d. Repair
e. All of the above

5. As per surgical volume in your institute, how many number of material you expect to consume approximately. In a month?

a. Less than 5 nos./month
b. 5 to 10 nos./month
c. More than 10 nos./month
d. No idea

6. Do you think that any change in this product makes it more preferable?

a. Definitely
b. Possibly
c. Unlikely
d. Not at all

7. What point makes this product most preferable?

a. Texture
b. Ease of suture
c. Readily accessible
d. Innovative Technology
e. All the above

8. Do you think pricing is a concern, in spite of this innovative technology?

a. Definitely
b. Possibly
c. Unlikely
d. Not at all

9. In your Institution through which scheme Pre dominant population of patients getting admitted?

a. Government scheme
b. Insurance scheme
c. Self-payment
d. Mixed

10. What is your overall experience with our product?

a. Excellent
b. Very good
c. Neutral
d. Poor
e. Very Poor

Would you recommend our product to others Surgeons?