• Textiles

    • Enzymes for biopolishing, bioscouring, fading, desizing, denim washing, bleaching etc
    • Auxiliaries for pretreatment, process and finishing
    • Gives smooth, silky and soft surface to cloths
    • Eco-friendly, economical and easy to handle
  • Leather

    • Soaking, dehairing, degreasing and bating
    • Excellent finishing of leather
    • Reduce BOD and COD levels in tanneries
    • Eco-friendly
    • Significant reduction in processing time
  • Feed

    • Enzymes degrade feed materials
    • Improves digestibility
    • Increases weight and productivity
    • Decreases mortality
    • Eco-friendly and easy to handle
  • Food

    • Enzymes for improved clarity in fruit juices
    • Digestive enzymes
    • Enzymes for diagnostic kits
  • Pharma

    • High purity enzyme formulations
    • Validated for quality and performance
  • Tea

    • Enzymes maintain quality, aroma and taste
    • Preserve natural alkaloids and flavonoids
    • Less quantity of enzymes needed for processing of tea leaves
    • Improves antioxidant properties
  • Detergent

    • Stains like blood, coffee, spices are removed quickly
    • Time saving process
    • Eco-frienfly and suitable for a greener environment
    • Less foamingg
  • Pulp & Paper

    • Enzymes for deinking, refining, bleaching and starch liquefaction processes
    • Significant savings in chemical application
    • Improved brightness and strength properties
    • Reduction in BOD, COD levels
    • Eco-friendly, easy to handle
  • Nano

    • Nano Zinc oxide and Nano Magnesium oxide
    • White coloured powder with more than 99 % purity
    • Nano zinc oxide is used as UV blocker
    • Nano Magnesium oxide is used as fire retardant
  • Agri Inputs

    • Organic foliar spray
    • Improves plant growth and productivity
    • Eco-friendly and easy to handle

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About SynkroMax Biotech Pvt Ltd

  • SYNKROMAX BIOTECH PVT LTD (SynkroMax) has been established in Chennai, in the year 2009 as a R&D based company. The Registered Office is located at Chennai, INDIA. SynkroMax is engaged in manufacturing of enzymes for Textile, Leather, Food, Feed, Tea, Pharma, Detergent, Pulp & Paper, Brewery and Distillery Industries. In addition to enzymes, SynkroMax is manufacturing Textile and Leather Auxiliaries and Agri products, such as...More....
  • Leather

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    With the increasingly important requirement for textile manufacturers to reduce pollution in textile production,....More......
  • Food

    Enzymes are widely used in Food Industry.  SynkroMax’s Food Enzymes are used for improving .....More......

    Animal Feeds

    An increasing proportion of barley, wheat bran etc is being incorporated into diets for broilers as a result of the....More......
  • Tea

    Tea enzymes used during tea processing help in preserving the colour, flavor and fragrance of the final product.....More......


    SynkroMax is manufacturing and marketing enzymes, such as, Fungal diastase, Glucose oxidase....More......
  • Pulp & Paper

    The use of enzymes in the pulp and paper industry has grown rapidly since the mid 1980s. Currently the most .....More......


    The enzymes used in laundry detergents act on materials that make up a variety of stains and soils so that these .....More......
  • Agri Input

    SYNKROVALARTM is India’s first unique plant biostimulant, consisting of various minerals suspended.....More......


    SynkroMax has recently diversified into Nano Products, Nano Zinc oxide and Nano Magnesium oxide for application....More......